Not a COVID-19 Post – Thanks Be to God

In addition to having Zoom Fatigue, I need to ponder non-pandemic things today.  What’s giving you life that has nothing to do with the news?

  • What’s growing in your garden/home right now?  My Christmas cactus is confused but aren’t we all.
  • What are you cooking/baking?  Polina will send you lovely recipes everyday.
  • What’s are you reading that’s COVID-free?  I liked Colin Jost’s piece on his childhood commute to school.  It’s not very long.
  • What have your ordered online in the past week?  I ordered new Wool Dryer Balls and now all my clothes smell like New Zealand.

Share whatever non-pandemic things are in your life right now.  Dog photos especially appreciated.  Seriously, we need to hear from you.

16 responses to “Not a COVID-19 Post – Thanks Be to God

  1. Thanks so much for this respite, Jan. My Christmas cactus is also blooming and so is my hardy purple African violet. Yesterday, I cooked soul food from my El Paso roots: pinto beans and enchiladas! I have a Dean Koontz book (The Silent Corner) to start. A fun order included bottles of bubbles and paint with water books that I had delivered to my grandkiddos across town. I am smiling right now, inside and out.


  2. Chuck Anderson

    Made biscuits and gravy with my beloved for breakfast. I have dog photos…how do I share them?


    • Dang. I can’t figure that out on WordPress comments. Just let me know what your sweet dog is up to. Thanks for giving me a lovely picture in my head of your breakfast.


  3. Your blog today is so refreshing and so appreciated. I have cooked more meals this past week than I have cooked in many a month, but I still try to support the mom and pop restaurants in town while that is still permitted. My daughter, granddaughter and I are knitting a sampler afghan for the grand when she goes off to college in the fall of 2021. While doing that I take in Netflix and Amazon Prime movies. I am contemplating another run of the West Wing series to remind me of how a government is supposed to work. I cater to the needs of two standard poodles and one canine-like feline. To shelter in place is a lot easier for introverts. Peace to you.


  4. The vegetarian sheet tray cookbook can’t go back to the library now so I’ve been exploring roasted veg. I’m going to make a cashew sauce I forgot about because — Zoom fatigue. Today I’m going to roast a chicken! Thanks for your posts.


  5. My Christmas cactus has one bloom now, too! I just finished listening to Long Road to Mercy, by David Baldacci. Last night I ordered fish oil capsules online. Stay safe and well.


  6. Our Christmas cactus is blooming, too!
    A friend lent me Clyde Edgerton’s book, Walking Across Egypt, which I had read before many years ago and gives me much laughter. The protagonist in the book is a widow, who said to herself, “At least I have Jesus. But he’s not much company. You can’t cook for him.” Which is a thought during these times of social distancing.


  7. Hi Jan! One if my Facebook friends posted this. I can’t stop sharing. Thank you for the invitation. It’s so beautiful it hurts.
    Much love,


  8. Katherine Freeman

    We had five inches of snow over the last day and a half. Sunny and bright this morning. Don’t have a Christmas Cactus. Might have daffodils by June. Husband and I walk to the mail box and back (a short two miles) each day since most of the trail is plowed. Made Chicken Curry with left over sweet potatoes, fresh carrots, peas, asparagus, jasmine rice and dried cranberries–no chutney. Reading “Hearing God” by Dallas Williard. Working a little but each day on a Quarantine Quilt. I find prayer for others the best source of peace.


  9. Thank you for the post. It does help to think of other things! I have orchids and a booming Christmas cactus as well. I’ve been trying to improve on my bread baking skills and it smells pretty good in here right now! I ordered lavender oil to try on my dryer balls and it’s very nice. Our dog is an endless source of cuddles and comfort. Bless you.


  10. I am enjoying being less rushed. Not going from one thing to the next. Yesterday, before we went on the stay-at-home order I shopped for several native plants to add to my back yard and I’ll be planting them over the next several days. I also monitor some nest boxes-bird nest boxes- and found this morning that 3 of them have eggs! Yay, new chickadees and brown-headed nuthatches on the way.


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  12. Barbara Accord

    Thanks Jan for initiating this conversation❣️
    A 2019 Mother’s Day gift Rhododendron is blooming in the yard.
    Going to roast salmon for dinner tonight and have mashed sweet potatoes.
    I’m reading a 1963 “controversial” book, titled “Honest to God”.
    I ordered our WVPBS sustaining members gift-
    Beautiful 50th anniversary mugs; for drinking tea during morning prayer.


  13. Suzanne Weston

    My husband and I stripped off 19 year old kitchen wall paper and painted!


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