What Have We Learned From This?

What have we learned from the pandemic so far?

I’ve learned that I really like to touch my face.  And eat out.

After living in two different time zones for the past two years, HH and I are in the throes of packing up our home in Illinois and moving everything to North Carolina.  And I’m learning all kinds of things as I go through every piece of paper, every drawer, every cabinet.

I’ve learned what not to do next time as often as I’ve learned what to do in life.


  • Keep mean letters/notes someone might have sent to you.  (Why do that to yourself?)
  • Go cheap when doing home improvement.  (That guy who removed the dead tree had no idea what he was doing.)
  • Keep blurry photographs.  (Why?)
  • Save spices after they’ve lost their flavor.  (Jesus said something about this.)


  • Keep journals because we forget things and it’s good to look back and remember what we’ve survived.
  • Recycle everything you don’t want to keep.
  • Save a copy of your dog’s adoption papers. (That was a good day.)
  • Expect to find treasures you lost a long time ago.

Moving during a pandemic has its challenges.  Goodwill, Salvation Army and Habitat ReSale stores are all closed.  Realtors can’t show your home to potential buyers.  Good-byes are difficult during social distancing.

But these are the days we also learn gratitude for the friends who send pizza and the moving guys who don’t cancel and the wonderful memories and the unknown joys ahead.

Every Day’s a School Day – especially during a pandemic.  (Thanks AAM.)


2 responses to “What Have We Learned From This?

  1. Welcome to North Carolina!


  2. You will certainly remember this move!


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