We Watch Family Feud Now

It’s come to this.

Some of us are eating donuts.  Some of us are making potholders.  HH and I are watching 2017-era Family Feud reruns.  It takes less effort than playing Scrabble and slightly more effort than playing Spelling Bee on my NY Times app.

Therapists are telling us that the pandemic is exhausting.  It impacts our brains in a variety of ways from making us foggy to making our sleep fitful.  Even National Geographic is weighing in.

Please tell me you have adopted some brainless habits after a day of homeschooling and zooming.  Please do not tell me you’re learning Mandarin or writing a novel.  But if you are, I’m grateful your brain is tolerating those efforts.

My brain has decided – at least for today – that Steve Harvey is hilarious.

6 responses to “We Watch Family Feud Now

  1. Midsumer Murder Mysteries, and All Creatures Great and Small (on BritBox and Acorn) are where our evenings are now.

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  2. We started watching “The Office” because we didn’t see it the first time around. Funny and doesn’t need full attention. Also “Schitt’s Creek” which is also funny without a lot of attention. No Mandarin or novel here. But for Mother’s Day my daughter gave me StoryWorth where Monday she sends me a question to answer and after a year the answers will be bound in a book. This week is what fads did I embrace growing up. This is only the second question but so far fun to do.


  3. We have always watched very little television and continue to do so. Like Abbie Watters, we have gone back to the beginnings of Midsummer Murders and Inspector Morris, the original because we loved Endeavour so much.


  4. My daughter and I are watching Jane the Virgin. The whole family is watching Parks and Rec. My spouse and I never saw all of it the first time, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed The Good Place, so Parks and Rec is somewhat filling that void.


  5. OK, I won’t tell you I’m learning Mandarin. But I am learning Finnish. Is that OK…?


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