Two Videos

Yesterday, my colleague Rev. Alex Porter made a recorded video response to another video taken by Darnella Frazier who witnessed what would become the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  Please make yourself watch both of them.

I could try to recount all the black and brown people who have been accused of something nefarious while napping, bird-watching, playing in a playground, or jogging.  Some of these people were murdered.

It doesn’t matter if Mr. Floyd was carrying a weapon.  (Early reports say he wasn’t.)

It doesn’t matter if Mr. Floyd was intoxicated or high. (Early reports say he wasn’t.)

It doesn’t even matter if Mr. Floyd committed a vicious crime. (Early reports say he hadn’t.)

Nobody deserves to be treated this way.

Mr. Floyd’s boss said this:

(He was) the kind of employee who would go out of his way to help a customer, offering a safe ride home to those who had too much to drink and once helping a woman who locked her keys in her car.

Until we eradicate systemic racism in this country, we cannot call ourselves Great.  We cannot call ourselves Good.  We certainly cannot call ourselves Christian.

White Supremacy is evil.  We are all party to it.  We need Divine help to overcome it.

One response to “Two Videos

  1. I’ve tried to think of words to say all week and Rev. Porter just said them for me. God Bless him.


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