White People: As We Talk About Race Together

If you happen to be in a culture or congregation or family that is not talking about race in America right now, this post is not for you – except that I ask, “Why?”  If we are not talking about race now, when will we ever talk about race?

If your life context and culture and community is indeed talking about race right now, things are complex and fraught with factors that will undermine the conversations.  Can we avoid . . .

  • Making these conversations about ourselves?  This is not the time to seek personal glory for being woke.
  • Making these conversations about competition?  I cannot compare what I’m feeling as a White person to what Black and Brown people are feeling.  I have no idea what it feels like to be a Person of Color.  How dare we – White People – say, “I know how you feel” to a Brown or Black person.
  • Making excuses?  This is an excellent time to refrain from “whataboutisms.”
  • White-splaining?  Enough said.

White People: This is a good time to consider race.  Talk about it amongst yourselves with an emphasis on listening to people with whom we disagree.  That’s the beginning.

And here (again) is a resource to take the 21 Day Challenge.  Please.

Image from the June 2, 2020 protest in the Myers Park neighborhood of Charlotte, NC. 

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