Flash Cards

I still remember my fifth grade vocabulary flashcards: BANISH, IMPALE, GARRULOUS. #FunWithMemorization

And every Presbyterian seminarian is familiar with those handy Greek and Hebrew flashcards – especially helpful in summer school when we had to learn 50 new words every 24 hours.

I received a set of flash cards yesterday from Fulton Street Books and Coffee with my first Ally Box.  And although I knew all those words: ALLY. RACE. IMPLICIT BIAS. DECOLONIZATION. ANTI-RACIST. ANTI-BLACK. PRIVILEGE. RACISM. WHITE FRAGILITY. WHITE SUPREMACY – it occurs to me that many of us have different definitions for those words.

What I mean by “racism” may not be what you mean by “racism.”

As we (White People) do the work of becoming Anti-Racist which – defined by Ibram X. Kendi means:

Someone who is supporting an antiracist policy through their actions or expressing antriracist ideas. This includes the expression or ideas that racial groups are equals and do not need developing, and supporting policies that reduce racial inequity.

. . . we need to use the same definitions.

If I understand that “race” is a human-made social construct which considers some people to be superior and some to be inferior and you believe that race is a God-given designation to divide human beings into different castes – then we have a problem as we (White People) grapple with the issues of these particular days.

Although I’ve already read the books I received yesterday with my flash cards, I recommend subscribing to the Fulton Street Ally Box.  It’s expensive but I consider the cost worth it not only for my own education but also for supporting a Black-owned business doing good work.

[Note: With a subscription, you also receive the code for The Ally Box Learning Cooperative which unlocks the door to some important conversation and this is where the magic will happen!]

And if anybody out there needs a copy of The Color of Law or So You Want to Talk About Race, I will share my extra copies.  Not kidding.  Email me.

When I say “we have a work to do (White People)” this is what I’m talking about. Have a good Wednesday.

Image of the Ally Box flashcards that come with a subscription.  Also, I was baptized 64 years ago today so I consider this commitment to participate in the Fulton Street Learning Cooperative to be part of my ongoing attempt to confirm my baptism.

6 responses to “Flash Cards

  1. I’d love to have a copy of The Color of Law, if you still have it


  2. Hi Jan, I have been following you for some years now. I am an Elder at Northminster Presbyterian Church in Roanoke, VA. I am very interested in receiving a copy of your book offer for, So You Want to Talk About Race, Here is my contact information.Marie Haines5548 Wipledale Ave.Roanoke, VA 24019-2654 Shalom, Marie “It is our real selves (not our “spiritual selves) whom God loves and desires most deeply.” MarkYaconelli


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