What Kind of Church Will We Be After This Election?

Maybe your congregation leans red.  Maybe it leans blue.  Maybe your congregation is authentically purple.  Maybe nobody ever discusses “politics” or “social justice” or anything remotely controversial – so who really knows how your church leans politically?

[Note: Jesus was killed because of politics.  I’ll just put that out there.]

Our politics influence our faith and our faith influences our politics.  And no matter what we or our congregations believe politically, we will be the Church after the U.S. election.  This is a good time to discern what kind of church we will be.

  • Will we acknowedge out loud that our nation is divided  and pray for peace?  I sadly believe that there are some congregations who will not even acknowledge that there is a consequential election happening.  And others might pray for continued division “for the sake of the gospel.”  How will we pray?
  • Will we recognize that people are heartbroken/angry/disappointed and organize a Zoom gathering to weep and vent and pray together no matter who prevails in the election?  No matter what happens some people will despair.
  • Will we rev up our efforts to serve The Least of These?  God has clearly called us to serve the poor, the sick, the vulnerable, the imprisoned.  We can become paralyzed after this election.  We can become energized.  But whatever we are, we cannot forget our holy purpose.
  • Will we vilify believers who disagree with us?  People of faith have always disagreed.  But will we spend precious time demonizing each other?
  • Will we make a commitment to connect with those who disagree with us?  Will we seek to forgive each other?  Love each other? See each other through the eyes of Christ?
  • Will we offer resources for those whose families and friends have become estranged?  This could be one of the most practical ministries we might offer.
  • Will we commit to do justice, love kindness, and to walk humbly with God – no matter who we voted for?

It’s not too early to consider what kind of church we will be after this election.  My deepest prayer is that we will be the kind of church that pleases God, first and foremost.  Please invite your congregations to consider what happens beyond November 3rd.  We have a little more than four weeks to discern who and what we will be.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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