Please. Drop The Ball.

Our Committee on Ministry met earlier this week and I actually asked them to let some balls drop. Let some things go.

Ordinarily I would have given a pep talk to keep up their responsibilities as church liaisons.  Get your paperwork in.  Check in with churches in transition.

Not this month.  It’s time to drop a ball or two for the love of God.

Who among us hasn’t missed a Zoom meeting because it didn’t make it onto our calendars?  Or we needed an afternoon nap on a random Tuesday?  Or we had a to-do list and checked off  fewer items than we might have checked off a year ago.

And perhaps more importantly, can we be gracious when our pastors, elders, or volunteers drop a ball these days?  Can we give them a break?  Can we encourage people to take it a little easier?

It’s okay.  There’s a lot going on.  Drop a ball or two.

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2 responses to “Please. Drop The Ball.

  1. Beverly Darlington

    I thought this was about the New Years Eve ball, which is also a good thought. I’m looking forward to 2021. I like your advice!


  2. I love this, and I am so appreciative when people in power model behavior becoming of a Christian–grace-filled behavior. For people in lesser positions, we cannot let balls drop without people who have our backs, so thank you for modeling this, and I hope you can encourage more EPs, etc. to offer the same grace to their presbyters.


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