And For My Next Self-Care Trick . . .

I read somewhere yesterday that a pastor who had been leading Zoom calls for her congregation to offer tricks on ensuring personal self-care had a Eureka moment: she decided to cancel the Zoom calls for the sake of her own self care.

Well done, Pastor.

I am taking a little Advent break from writing so that I, too, can honor my need for self care. I encourage you to do what you need to do: cancel the meeting, set aside the unnecessary, add a long walk, limit the phone calls.

Prepare ye the way of the LORD.

5 responses to “And For My Next Self-Care Trick . . .

  1. Catheryn Thomas

    I commend you for taking what I’m sure is a much-needed break. But I will greatly miss your blogs! Have a blessed Christmas and I look forward to your return in the new year.

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  2. This is an amazingly easy holiday season for me. No demands of volunteer positions. No family or friend obligations beyond cards and calls. The pandemic has made my life so much easier in some ways. Enjoy your respite.


  3. I needed that! Enjoy your break!


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