The Stimulus Check Challenge

HH and I received a stimulus check last week and frankly I was surprised. I didn’t think we qualified. We have been among the privileged during this pandemic.

We’ve experienced minimal pain. We still have steady paychecks and can work from home. We have excellent health care. 

We don’t need this stimulus check for daily expenses.

Of course we could use this money for future purchases or to add to our retirement accounts. But we have neighbors in food lines and neighbors living in tents by the highway because the winter shelters are closed.

Here’s the challenge: if you don’t need your stimulus check for your own daily needs, please consider giving it away to those who have more daily needs than we can imagine

  • Keep it local..
  • Don’t tell anyone.

Being poor is not a sin. Ignoring the poor is.  And those of us who can live without a stimulus check have been given the opportunity to stop being ignorant.

Happy February.

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