This Could Be the Day

This could be the Day God moves us to change the world.

Meet Darnella Frazier. When she was 17 years old, she was taking her 8 year old cousin down the street to buy snacks. But before they reached the store, she found herself witnessing what many of us consider to be a murder. She took out her phone and recorded the killing of George Floyd. And her video changed the world.

I once taught a class for adults called “The Meaning of Life” and one of the most memorable conversations was called “The Most Important Thing I Did Today.” This was a class made up of attorneys and doctors and Important Government People and their answers included things like “reading a bedtime story to my child” and “finishing a grant for painting classes for local school kids.” Most of us change the world by working towards small victories that bring joy to a tiny community of human beings.

Today it’s quite possible that an opportunity will arise when God will call us to do something simple yet life-changing. We have the opportunity to uplift a person who’s feeling low. We have the chance to redeem a situation which feels like a failure. It’s the moment when we can either ignore a person in need or step up to remind that person that they matter. It’s the moment when a person feeling hopeless finds hope because we have noticed them.

This is why we were born. God has created us to be like Jesus: healing the sick, befriending the outcast, loving the unlovable. Being like Jesus = showing what the love of God looks like.

It looks like Jesus. This is The Big Thing we are called to remember this week. We are called to express love. It might change the world.

Image source. Pray that the witnesses of the Chauvin trial would find peace.

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