Love the People. Dismantle the System.

I don’t know Carlos A. Rodriguez but I wish I did. He’s the CEO and Founder of The Happy NPO in Puerto Rico and I follow him on Twitter. Yesterday, he tweeted this:

Just recently I was called a hateful ultra liberal who wants everybody to change their pronouns. For the record, I’m conservative on quite a few things and my pronouns are she/her/hers. But this post is not about me. It’s about hate

I love how Carlos A. Rodriguez clarifies the activism that seeks to shift unjust systems. And I believe that Jesus was all about this.

Jesus loved people that many found hard to love (tax collectors, lepers, foreign women, fools, self-righteous people) and he didn’t leave it at that. He spoke up and acted in ways that showed us how the world should be.

We live in a world that continues to keep poor people poor, to exclude people based on their skin color, to tell LGBTQ+ people that God rejects them, to hurt children. The world works well for those of us who are White and Educated and Prosperous. But God created the world for all people of all skin colors and all circumstances and we are called to break down these systems when they are opposed to what the Gospels tell us.

We are called to love the people and dismantle the systems. Everyone is invited.

One response to “Love the People. Dismantle the System.

  1. Jesus was called names, too. It didn’t stop him and hasn’t stopped you either.

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