Everybody Needs an Uncle Frank

First of all, the movie Uncle Frank is not a comedy. HH and I were under the impression that we were going to be watching a comedy, but it’s heart-wrenching with a couple of humorous moments. Brace yourself.

Secondly, Uncle Frank, the person, is a mess. He’s broken and addicted and full of shame. But he is also wise and good and encouraging. Many of us are a mess but we are great at offering wisdom, goodness, and encouragement to others. This is Uncle Frank.

This movie will trigger many LGBTQ+ people who have traumatic memories of spiritual abuse, and yet I hope it will mostly be a reminder to those of us with a Frank in our lives that someone queer (in all the ways humans can be) loved us because of (not in spite of) our own unconventional and queer parts.

Final note: God loves Queer People however that queerness manifests itself. The depth of God’s love for us is beyond measure no matter who we are. The very people who believe that God doesn’t love us for who we are are the ones in need of conversion. The Bible tells me so.

Have a lovely weekend and be someone’s Frank today.

Image of Paul Bettany as Uncle Frank in the 2020 Amazon Prime movie.

One response to “Everybody Needs an Uncle Frank

  1. John Nowaczewski

    A super movie to help many of us move beyond the surface and look into the depths of love that Christ exhibited…. And so should we.
    Thank you Jan.


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