Dear People Who Want to Talk about Yancey Strickler’s Book

I will probably regret this.

There are so many of you who’ve expressed an interest in talking about This Could Be Our Future: A Manifesto for a More Generous World that I’m (foolishly) putting the links here online. I’ve lost all track of the people who want to participate as names have come to me from a variety of means. The first Zoom conversation will be:

Wednesday, September 22 at Noon ET – Conversation about Part 1 – How We Got Here
Meeting ID: 853 2710 9379
Passcode: 677602

I’ll share the second link for the Thursday, September 30 at the first gathering. Since this is just me doing this because I really like this book, we won’t have breakout groups. This won’t be an in-depth book discussion. It’s my hope that something will spark in your life that makes the world a better place.

Please read the book whether you join us or not.

One response to “Dear People Who Want to Talk about Yancey Strickler’s Book

  1. I can’t join this week due to other scheduled things – open to knowing schedule for follow up, although I won’t get to the book for a while!S


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