Getting Over It

Maybe we’ll never get over it.

That time a family member betrayed us. That time a business partner cheated us. That time a political leader made the decision to abandon a whole demographic of people. That time The Church disappointed us.

It’s easier when there’s been acknowledgment, confession, justice. Sometimes that’s not possible.

As I talk with people about the divide in our nation, we always seem to return to the notion of “getting over it.” I’ve noticed that the people who most easily want to move on are the ones who enjoy the most privilege. Why can’t Black and Brown people get over slavery? Why can’t women get over misogyny? Why can’t Native Americans get over losing their land?

It’s easier to think those things if our ancestors were never enslaved or subjected to certain laws because of the color of our skin. It’s easier if we’ve never been denied a job or been leered at by a colleague. It’s easier if we have inherited property.

How do we shift our mentality from “I deserve all this and others don’t” to “I’m grateful for what I have and others deserve this too”? I don’t know but it divides us every day.

I continue to have hope that The Church can teach and model a different way to live our lives because of Jesus. And I hope I never get over that.

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