Love Makes Us Courageous

There is a dearth of courage in these days and I’m struck by how much courage was required in the weeks and days before that first Christmas. If your devotion to God is deep enough, you have the courage to marry a woman carrying Another’s child when called to do this. You have the courage to believe it when God says a child – your child – will save all creation from shame and death.

Annunciation by Patricia Brintle (2011)

Deep love moves us to make sacrifices for others. Deep love helps us take risks on behalf of the common good. Deep love inspires us to defend the weak even if it brings criticism upon us.

As I look at both sides of our two major political parties, I observe very little courage. Our leaders seem to forget that they are elected for love of country and not to perpetuate political power.

As I look at our Church leaders, I see that many of us are tossed and turned by the loudest voices, especially if those voices threaten us. I know pastors who succumb to what’s easy over what’s faithful, and I understand how hard it is to speak up against bullies. And yet, if our love for God and the message of Jesus is strong, we do not fear speaking the truth in love.

Love makes us courageous. Not only do I hope our love for the weak, for our loved ones, for the LORD make us courageous, but I hope that when we witness others speaking out and stepping up because love has made them courageous, we will stand with them.

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