Would You Rather? – Church Edition

Church People: Your answers to these questions determine whether or not your congregation will thrive in these interesting days.

No. Do not wear this. Do not gift this to your pastor.

  • Would you rather have no pastor or a pastor you shared with another congregation?
  • Would you rather have a pastor who does everything or a pastor who equips leaders to share in the ministry?
  • Would you rather have a pastor who can “bring in young families” or a pastor who can make disciples (and teach you how to do that too.)
  • Would you rather have a pastor who was super cool or a pastor who was faithful?
  • Would you rather have a pastor who drives a nice car or a pastor who drives their used car to get out into the community?
  • Would you rather have a pastor who makes you comfortable or a pastor who stretches your understanding of God and God’s reign?

As I meet with congregations seeking new leadership, new energy, or new ways of being the Church, it’s encouraging to watch them abandon tired ways with often risky new ventures based on faithful discernment. Moving forward, small congregations who cannot afford a pastor have the opportunity to try out new leadership paradigms. Healthy dinosaur churches have the opportunity to try several creative options before they find themselves struggling.

These are great times to be the Church IF we choose wisely and faithfully for a new day.

2 responses to “Would You Rather? – Church Edition

  1. Patricia Brannon

    God is up to something. I am hopeful that THE CHURCH is bold enough to risk it all

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  2. Yes to all of this….except your guidance re: the aforementioned t-shirt. I would wear that proudly, ironically, and humorously around our college ministries office if someone happened to gift it to me. 😉


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