Throw Back Thursday – Blog Version

As my colleagues and I prepare to welcome what we hope will be a couple thousand people from around the country to something called The White Privilege Conference, I found another post from 2016 as I prepared to attend my first White Privilege Conference. You can read it here.

Some things have changed: I now live in Charlotte, NC

Some things haven’t: People still roll their eyes when they hear the words White Privilege.

Actually those words seem to spark more anger than eye-rolling these days. We are so divided that some believe that even talking about hot topics will only further divide us. And yet, when we don’t talk with each other, when we don’t risk being uncomfortable, when we pretend like everything is fine, we are forgetting that things are not fine for all God’s people.

We can do better.

This is not a conference for becoming smarter about all kinds of Privilege (and all of us have some kind of privilege.) This is a conference that we hope will move us to live differently. For me, it’s about God and who God is calling us to be so that the world might be – on earth – as it is in heaven.

You can register for the 23rd White Privilege Conference here. Scholarships and discounts are available.

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