SBC Drinks Chai Now

We knew that our Second Born Child was interested in the person who is now our daughter-in-law when the words “we are going snowshoeing” came out of his mouth. This particular offspring prefers libraries to sports fields and inside to outside.

After the wedding, he shared that he drinks chai now. This coming from a person who didn’t touch tea or coffee for thirty years.

Love changes us. We become willing to try things and maybe even adapt to things we would not have chosen before because we love someone beyond ourselves.

We could use more of this today in politics, in churches, in workplaces. If we love our country, our families, our enemies, our neighbors, and our God we will make changes because of that love. I might not love the hymn “In the Garden” but people I love do and so I’ll sing along. I might not love the sycamore tree that drops those annoying pods on the church lawn, but Mrs. B loves them and I love Mrs. B. and the tree was planted in memory of her husband. I might not love certain parts of worship or the fact that some parents drop off their children for Sunday School and then go to a coffee shop or that church leader’s voice who gets on my last nerve. But I love those children and parents. I love our church community. I love that person with the shrill voice.

I might even hate painting walls or weeding gardens, but I’ll do it if I love the neighbor whose kitchen or yard needs a facelift. I will paint and weed for love.

When we love people, we are changed. We will try something new. We will adapt.

Let’s try to love in a way that changes us. Have a good weekend. I’m spending mine with some ladies I love.

4 responses to “SBC Drinks Chai Now

  1. Perfect


  2. >>When we love people, we are changed. We will try something new. We will adapt.
    Let’s try to love in a way that changes us.<<

    Good advice for a time like this. God tells us to love His people, no ifs, ands, or buts.


  3. That’s why being a full time caregiver for my husband of 52 years doesn’t feel like a choir; he is the love of my life and I know he would do it for me if things were different.

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  4. Sorry for the same message twice. It took so long to come up that I thought it had gotten lost and retyped it. Guess I have to work on my patience!

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