Comfort Food on Memorial Day

Last Wednesday I had an overwhelming craving for sweet tea. I grew up drinking sweet tea and at family reunions, there was special sweet tea made by aunts who had particular recipes. Aunt Rena’s sweet tea was especially lemony. Aunt Virginia’s sweet tea had less lemon but no less deliciousness.

Because sugar is now frowned upon, I only drink sweet tea on special occasions these days. Last Wednesday was hardly a special occasion, and yet I needed the comfort of a happy childhood and warm memories.

As a pastor and cousin and sister and observer of Memorial Day, I encourage all readers today to find something that comforts your soul. For those who remember a soldier or sailor who died in war, for those whose hearts are heavy because of the state of our gun-loving nation, for all who feel nothing because we are numbed by statistics, for all will spend this day enjoying picnics and sales – I ask you to find something that brings you comfort. Maybe it’s sweet tea or maybe it’s fried chicken or maybe it’s a photograph of someone you have loved.

Yesterday, I had a Sunday off – as in there was no place I needed to be to teach or preach or recognize a church milestone. And so I chose comfort food: worship online with my home church and then another worship online with my former General Presbyter. Both were blessings that fed my soul.

May you seek whatever comforts you today finding hope in the presence of all that’s holy.

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  1. Thank you


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