Who Wants to Build Something?

Although I’ll be watching the January 6 Hearings tonight on C-Span, I doubt that I’ll be joined by the masses. People have already decided what they think happened on January 6 or they don’t care. Both of these perspectives are disturbing.

We just commemorated the 78th Anniversary of D Day when 6,603 Americans died alongside 2,700 British, and 946 Canadians. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t consider what happened on D Day to be anything less than a monumental sacrifice against the evil of fascism for the sake of freedom. And yet now we live in a world in which the reactions to fascism range from a shrug to a tweet.

Who wants to build something rather than tear something down? Eboo Patel has written a new book about the need for us to shift from shaking our fists and burning down our enemies’ houses to changing the world to become a beautiful social order. I would call this the Reign of God.

As politicians continue to tear each other down and brokenness shows up in school shootings and young adult suicide, as the Church continues to grapple with terrible press – much of it deserved, thriving communities are not succumbing to pessimism and hopelessness.

Tomorrow – another love letter is coming. A love letter to regenerating congregations. Thanks SB.

In the meantime, please read Eboo’s latest book. You can buy it here.

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