Reframing How We See Ourselves

Therapists often suggest that we reframe the way we’ve always thought about our life situations. Someone might look consider their father to have been neglectful/never home but what if the truth was that Dad worked two jobs to save money for college for his kids so they’d have no college debt? Neglectful Parent is now understood as Committed Parent.

I’ve been thinking about this in terms of the Presbytery I serve. (Sorry for the blurry graphics here.)

A popular megachurch in our area is Elevation (which is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.) In 2021 they reported 27,408 participants in 23 locations in four states and Canada.

In the Presbytery I serve 27,954 participants were reported in 2021 in 93 locations in 7 counties in North Carolina.

Imagine if we reframed ourselves as one megachurch with 93 locations instead of 93 lone ranger congregations with a nominal connection to each other?

That’s it. That’s the post for today: Imagine reframing how we see ourselves.

3 responses to “Reframing How We See Ourselves

  1. May I suggest a marketing plan?


  2. I like it.


  3. I think about our (PCUSA) lack of vision for seeing ourselves as who we are: CONNECTED! And the term “long ranger” describes us well (and nearly everyone has a Tonto, thank God!) I think that we are so busy “minding our own store” (which often is overwhelming in itself) that their is little energy left to think & act “bigger, wider.” sigh.


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