Disinformation Destroys Church Too

Hey, remember that time – at a PCUSA General Assembly – when they let a Muslim officiate during Communion? Remember when $10,000 of church funds was given to the Angela Davis Defense Fund in 1970? Oh, and that time that Presbyterians forced all congregations to support same sex weddings?

This illustrates Disinformation shared by a troublemaker. Photo from the Presbyterian Historical Foundation

Not one of these things is true any more than Sarah Palin ever said that she could see Russia from her house or that the current resident of The White House is an actor since Joe Biden supposedly died in the 1990s.

There’s misinformation and there’s disinformation. Misinformation is untrue but it is shared mistakenly and not for devious purposes. Disinformation is untrue and is created to cause mayhem and disharmony.

One of my favorite Tweets from last week is this one:

This illustrates misinformation as shared by a Baptist preschool.

Every Day’s a School Day as my friend AAM says. If we hear something that sounds off, we have a duty as citizens and followers of Jesus to check it out. Sodom and Gomorrah is not about gay sex. Mary Magdalene was not married to Jesus. And your pastor doesn’t work one day a week, even if they don’t keep regular office hours.

Again, if you hear something strange/disturbing/scandalous, you can do either of these two things:

  • Research it. (This is the faithful, curious response.)
  • Spread it. (This is the divisive, unholy response.)

And in the interest of learning new things, I’m headed to Ghost Ranch this week with other PCUSA Mid-Council Leaders. There might be new posts or maybe not.

May every day be a school day for each of us.

3 responses to “Disinformation Destroys Church Too

  1. Enjoy Ghost Ranch – Relax. Renew. Rejoice.


  2. Thank you for this. I needed it after yet conversation about what to do when we know what someone we love is saying is factually wrong.


  3. “Remember when $10,000 of church funds was given to the Angela Davis Defense Fund in 1970?”
    In case you don’t remember, you can look it up.
    ‘Fifty years ago, a United Presbyterian Church grant of $10,000 to the Angela Davis Legal Defense Fund “brought out the best and worst in the Presbyterian church.”’


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