The Fun Neighbors

Every neighborhood seems to have at least one: Neighbors who are serious Halloween people.

In the neighborhood where our kids grew up, the adult sons of a widowed mother came home to decorate every Halloween, delighting in creating “the scary house” where spiders dropped out of the trees and one of the brothers sat on the front porch dressed as a monster handing out candy.

Pictured above is just a corner of the Halloween House in our current neighborhood. It’s a Zombie Carnival theme replete with a ferris wheel of creepy dolls and a 12 foot tall skeleton in front of a red-striped circus tent. The man who lives there has been working on his masterpiece for over a week now.

Historically Halloween has had Christian connections but we often forget.

Good neighbors are more necessary than ever in these days. Let’s be the neighbors who make an effort, who create connections, who learn about each other’s histories. Happy Halloween!

One response to “The Fun Neighbors

  1. It’s sad that the origins of Halloween have been lost on the modern world and turned into monsters and scary things by adults and the companies that make billions of dollars off the day.


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