(And I would add “PRAY.”)

There are several Scripture passages about being consistent in our life and faith. I’m not going to try to proof text here. But as we go to the polls today in the USA, let’s be consistent in terms of what we say we believe and in how we vote.

  • If you love your LGBTQA+ friends and family, please vote for candidates who will prioritize their civil rights.
  • If you love pre-born babies, please vote for candidates who also love babies who are born along with older children supporting programs like Head Start and healthy free school lunches.
  • If you worry about the Ukrainian war, please vote for candidates who do not support Putin.
  • If you are concerned about high gas prices, please elect those who force corporations (including oil companies) to pay their fair share in taxes.
  • If you live by a set of ethics and morals and you want your children to have similar ethics and morals, please elect officials whose ethics and morals align with yours.

I will never understand LGBTQA+ people and allies who vote for people who don’t support them. I’ll never understand those who oppose abortion but don’t support food and housing resources for children and their families. I don’t understand those who see innocent citizens of Ukraine suffer and think Putin is a “great leader.” I don’t understand how citizens worried about inflation don’t want to tax billionaires who don’t pay their fair share in contributing to this country. And I really can’t understand people who are generous, kind, honorable citizens who support candidates who are greedy, mean, and dishonorable.

My trust is that God will use whatever happens in this election. The Israelites eventually reached the Promised Land. But it didn’t have to take 40 years. I pray it doesn’t take 40 years for us to reach where God is leading us.

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