Random Love

Random hate is an everyday part of our culture. FBC sent me this and I wish I knew who wrote it:

Gay people aren’t shooting up straight clubs.

Black people aren’t shooting up white grocery stores.

Latinos aren’t shooting up Walmarts.

Jewish people aren’t shooting up Christian churches.

The violence is coming from one demographic: Alt-Right Radicalized Men.

And I would add that their violence is random.

They are being fed a diet of hate and misinformation by commentators posing as journalists, power hungry people posing as political leaders, and false preachers posing as Jesus followers.

Only God can overcome this depth of evil with good. And yet we are instruments in God’s work. What if we replaced random violence with random love. Not just “random acts of kindness” but authentic random love. That barrista who looks exhausted or that grocery store clerk who looks bored or that dog walker who looks cold – just look them in the eye and thank God for them. And smile. And maybe say a little prayer to yourself that they would feel loved today.

I am thankful for the array of people who live in this world God made. I’m especially thankful when I find myself in situations that look like the Reign of God in the world. How about you?

And if you know who wrote the piece above, please let us know.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Image source (and the article is good too.)

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