What Winning Looked Like in 2022

I won.” Logan Roy in the final episode of Succession, Season 3

HH and I hate-watched/love-watched Succession on HBO during his COVID recovery. No redeeming characters. Beautiful scenery. Excellent writing/acting. We were hooked.

Winning looks like many different things. For the parents of young children, winning is keeping them alive for another day. For grievers and addicts and desperately sad people, it’s about keeping ourselves alive for another day.

For a political party, winning means election success even if a problematic candidate prevailed. For the 1% winning involves even more wealth. For the Argentina National Team it’s 120 minutes and a four-round penalty-kick shootout for the championship.

“Love wins,” we say. This is a faith statement that can be applied to every life situation.

In these last days of the year, living as if love wins is the way to go. It feels great. It fills the soul with a pure power that tempers our fears and washes away our dread. It assumes there is something bigger than we are.

Whether we are dealing with deep grief or family estrangement or a wholly uncertain 2023, may we win in the end because we tried our best to love.

One response to “What Winning Looked Like in 2022

  1. Amen! Love and forgive- the way to peace!

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