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In the past years, I have observed deeply faithful church folks separate themselves from other deeply faithful church folks because of politics. I’ve heard from Presbyterian siblings that they are embarrassed to be identified as part of the PCUSA (the largest and most progressive Reformed denomination in the United States) because of our social policies. (Note: those social policies included wearing masks during the worst days of COVID and confessing the historic sin of slavery.)

How did we get here? Brad Onishi has written a very good book about the history that got us where we are today in terms of the rise of Christian Nationalism. He and Daniel Miller are also the creators and hosts of one of the most widely-listened to podcasts on religion and politics in the U.S. right now. Check out the podcast Straight White American Jesus.

Do we want to go to war with each other over our theology? Onishi makes the case that it’s not about theology at all. It’s about power.

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  1. I started listening to this podcast and I really enjoy it. Thanks for the recommendation.

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