Thank You

Re: today’s controversial post, I want to thank all who offered comments. I really appreciate the back and forth.

Clearly we can all do better listening to each other and supporting each other. I’m grateful to be serving alongside you.

Especially for those of us who are pastors and other church leaders, we have the power to make some of the suggestions from today’s comments possible for those coming through the ordination process now and in the future: write thoughtful exams, provide financial support, walk alongside, grant permission, hold each other accountable.

Again, thanks.

3 responses to “Thank You

  1. Thank you, Jan. A good word on a difficult subject.


  2. Now this is an exemplary example of white women white-womening.


  3. Louise Winfield

    As you know, I am a great appreciator of your work and writings! And also of your pastoring here in the DC area all those years ago! Your loving honesty is a gift to those if us who strive to learn and to lead in these crucial times once again when we are callrd to widen and deepen our service to respond in today’s world, recognizing how Jesus modeled “love and justice” for his crucial time! Love and SHALOM Louise Winfield


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