Who Will Be Courageous?

On this – the holiest and the busiest – week of the Christian calendar, I am moved to honor courageous leaders remembering both the courage of some of Jesus’ followers and the lack of courage of even more of Jesus’ followers. Unfortunately this continues to be the trend.

We who say we love Jesus and hope to follow him but don’t live up to this aspiration, imagine being more courageous as a spiritual discipline this week. I thank God for the ones who say brave words, take unpopular but faithful stands, and make sacrifices for the sake of love.

To the elders who stand up to bullies even when they threaten to “leave” or “withhold their pledges” . . .

To the pastors who start worship with welcoming words to “All People – including Trans Kids” even though some disapprove . . .

To the church lady who sits beside the visitor to make him feel welcomed even though it’s not in her regular pew . . .

To the church gentleman who gets a cup of coffee for the visitor who doesn’t smell very fresh . . .

To the deacon who suggests to the other deacons that they reach out to their Muslim neighbors . . .

To the choir director who says “yes” when the Ghanaian church members ask to sing an anthem in Twi knowing that some will complain . . .

To the youth leader who stands with the non-binary tenth grader . . .

To the Christian Educator who teaches a Bible study focusing on anti-racism in a congregation that doesn’t believe there’s any racism.

Jesus spoke the truth in love. Jesus turned over tables when God was being mocked. Jesus stood with people who were hated, banished, and broken. To say that Jesus was courageous is a monumental understatement. He said all the brave words. He took unpopular but faithful stands. He made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of love.

Just one time in the next few days – unlike Peter or the other disciples – let’s be courageous for the sake of all that’s good and just and pure.

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  1. Thank you.
    May I share this?
    Thank you.


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