Things Your Mom Was Right About

I hope Mothers’ Day was okay for you. Okay depends on several factors and while I didn’t love all the Mothers’ Day articles, I loved this one: Want to Make Your Mom Happy? Tell Her She Was Right by Jancee Dunn. It inspired me to ask my own kids what I advised that turned out to be true now that they are all in their 30s.

Here’s what they told me:

  • Don’t trust a woman with no woman friends. I shared this with my sons when they started dating, but it also works for daughters, and it’s the only advice my siblings and I can remember that our own mother shared, except for “Sit up straight.” I have no opinion about men with no man friends but feel free to share if you do. And yes, this is very binary.
  • The three most important life choices you will make are: Who or what will you worship? What will be your life’s work? Who will you spend your life with? All our kids mentioned this as Truth.
  • You’re allowed to marry anybody you want as long as that person loves you as least as much as we (your parents) love you. This was first advised by my husband’s parents. It’s still an excellent word.
  • Don’t wear pants that say “Juicy” on the butt. Care more about your personality and brain than your appearance.

The Dunn article mentioned motherly advice like “take first aid training” and “always be running toward something, not away from something.”

What advice did your mother offer that’s proven to be absolutely right? If possible, let your Mom know.

Image of my Mom. I wish I’d had more time to ask her for advice.

2 responses to “Things Your Mom Was Right About

  1. You are so Spot on with your advice! And I too, wish I had more time with my mother and father also!
    Thanks for you columns!


  2. Pretty is as pretty does…in other words, it’s not about your appearance, it’s about your character. My mother passed that to me and I to my daughter who now says it to her daughter.

    I really like your advice about avoiding women who have no women friends. In my 70 years I have seen that prove true.


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