We’re All on Life Support

As a gifted theologian mentioned to me as we commuted together into work this morning: Two_Girls_in_a_Yellow_and_Red_Interior_1947Calvin never missed an opportunity to remind us how broken we are. All of us.

While friends and strangers alike deal with “having special needs” and “moving into assisted living” and “being on life support” – and I don’t discount the medical details of their situations – the truth is that:

  • We all have special needs.
  • We all require assisted living.
  • We are all on life support.

This, my friends, is why we are the church. We encourage each other in the throes of our special needs. We assist each other. We support each other in this life.

And I believe we get to unite in the life to come as well. Thanks be to God.

Image is Two Girls in a Yellow and Red Interior (1947) by Matisse

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