Thoughts on Being/Seeing/Feeling Frozen

St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein, IL

St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein, IL

Yes it’s cold outside.  Finally, in my third Chicagoland winter, it snows almost every day.  Our annual Presbytery Clergy Retreat starts today through Tuesday  about 40 miles north of Chicago.  Attendance is reportedly down because of the weather, but Phyllis Tickle is the keynoter and who wouldn’t brave the cold for Phyllis?  Nevertheless, we’ve been warned by the retreat planners that our faces might indeed fall off during the three minute walk from the dorms to the cafeteria.


Many of us have not only felt frozen but we’ve seen Frozen – currently the favorite movie of families with children and Idina Menzel wannabees.  And yet, one Baptist professor (probably not an Idina Menzel wannabee) compares Elsa to Satan when she sings Let It Go.  (!?)


And finally, as many of us are mourning the loss of a beloved colleague’s spouse today.  Grief sometimes paralyzes us and makes us feel existentially frozen, as if we cannot move or think or live.  But David McDonald himself speaks beyond this life to encourage those of us left behind for now:

” . . . we are confident that God is at work with us and through us to accomplish God’s purposes in the world.  In our church we do believe in miracles, because we’ve frequently been part of God enabling us to do more than we could ever accomplish on our own.”  (from The Clayton, Indiana Presbyterian Church website here)

There is enormous comfort when the church comes together, especially in these days when we must let a loved one go.

Yes, it’s cold out there, but thanks be to God for warmth in all its forms.

[Note: We love you CM.]

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