Standing Tall

I tend to wear nun shoes because:Power Posture

  1. I fall down a lot.
  2. I walk a couple miles to/from work and need comfort.
  3. I kind of dress like a nun much of the time.

But on 2-8-14 when I was installed into my new position in this lovely venue, I decided that – heck – I was going to wear heels. It was kind of a special occasion. I found black pumps in my closet with two-inch heels – not spiky but not quite chunky.

They made me feel really tall.

Prior to my pre-Presbytery Meeting presentation, my brilliant colleague L. taught me Power Postures. (See image.) Much like birds spread their wings to demonstrate their authority, L. showed me how to stand tall which was especially easy wearing heels.

I liked the feeling.

I’ve now worn my heels three other times and haven’t fallen down once. I suddenly understand why tall pastors and other tall people have immediate confidence as they tower over the landscape. I enjoy tapping my inner Nadia/long-stem rose.

The truth is that I am the shortest person in my family, and my spouse and kids are not exactly altitudinous people. It’s also true that I’ve also never been a tall-steeple pastor – at least in the sociological sense – and so I don’t have that self-assured sense that I am An Important Pastor based on the membership rolls.

And yet Standing Tall is a spiritual practice and a way of being that all of us can experience. I wonder how we can embrace our Tall & Mighty Selves based on just being who we are. Much like Sheryl Sandberg encourages us women to lean in, how can The Church encourage everyone to stand tall and feel strong not because we are physically tall and mighty but because we were created in God’s Image?

How can we teach each other to stand tall against bullies? How can we stand tall against injustice? How can we teach each other that standing tall feels great and it’s not about our own stature? It’s about something so much higher.

Image of Wonder Woman in her power pose. I think she’s been a bit photoshopped.

One response to “Standing Tall

  1. At 5’9″, I have heels, but none of them higher than 2 inches. At times, I can be too tall.


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