Moving On to Something New

imageI’m writing this from My Happy Place, where I learned so much about professional ministry.  My current home is  693.2 miles away.

It’s profoundly meaningful to be in my old stomping, pastoring, parenting grounds, but I also find that I appreciate my new life so much.  It’s all good.

I’ve also just read that the current Moderator of the General Assembly of my denomination has been called to a new position as he completes his moderatorial year – a move which is somewhat expected in that there is a pattern of PCUSA GA Moderators who want/need to move on to a new call after serving in this role.  It’s been fascinating over the years to watch former Moderators navigate this desire/need to move on after such an intensive 1-2 years, juggling ministry at home and ministry on a national scale. Sometimes we have to move on in a dramatic way.  If we don’t, we get stuck – and possibly stale.

Stale is killing The Church.

We need to move on – but not necessarily to a new church  or church position. We need to move into a new way of being the church.

  • Many (many) secular people have a negative opinion of church people.  How are we changing their opinion?  (Or are we perpetuating it?)
  • Do we know how to be the church in a non-institutional way?
  • What’s our (honest) tribal creed?  The actual one (e.g. “We actually don’t like strangers.”) Not the one we publish in the annual report.

We need to move on to (becoming) something new. Let’s do it.  Really, it will be fun.


Image is from Busboys & Poets in Shirlington, VA.


2 responses to “Moving On to Something New

  1. We LOVE that restaurant too! Have a great visit.


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