Everyday Racism

no-racism-marc-lanclusThe posts this week will be limited until Thursday because I’m headed to a retreat of New Pastors. In preparing for the longish drive, I took my car for an oil change Friday.

There were three of us in the waiting room: two Black women and one White woman. (That would be me.)

I was called by the mechanic to chat about my car needs:

Mechanic (to me, The White Woman): Ma’am, I’d like to talk to you about your Volvo.

Me: Actually, I’m the 2006 Honda with no grill.*

Mechanic: You aren’t driving the Volvo?

Me: Nope. One of those other ladies must drive the Volvo.

I was wearing yoga pants and my Cindy Bolbach for Moderator t-shirt. The Volvo lady was wearing a really nice suit. So, why in the world would someone think I was the owner of the Volvo, unless it was because ______?

Image source.

*Someone took my car grill a couple weeks ago. Really.





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