The Pure Joy Olympics

ScoutI enjoyed reading this article over the weekend – especially the part about The Misery Olympics.  Our miseries not only take up a lot of time; they also take up a lot of energy.

Whether we are sharing that time we spent 3 days giving birth or that time we moved twice in one year or the time we lost our passport and our phone in Malta, we all compare and contrast our agony quotients.  Of course there are real traumas that take much time and effort to process:  the fiery crash, the cancer, the house flood, the unspeakable  betrayal.  But most of us do not live in the Misery Olympics every day.

Also over the weekend, there was a wedding.  It was holy and heartfelt and kind of perfect.  It was potentially complicated but – turns out – not so much.  It rained.  Nobody cared, really.  It was a testimony to hope and hospitality and goodness and the best that the Church can be.

Imagine spending more time talking about The Pure Joy Olympics.  That time we watched a team of little girls in ponytails run laps about the soccer field laughing at the end of practice on that perfect spring day as the sun was setting.  That time we thought __ might die but she lived and even got out of bed the next day.  That time a neighbor met an older lady who was lost on her way to a party and she offered to drive with her there and then walk home.  That time you sat surrounded by friends and felt enormously blessed.

The Pure Joy Olympics.  Let’s play.

This post is dedicated to my sisters in Christ – the brides.  Photo by TBC.

One response to “The Pure Joy Olympics

  1. I am starting something at the beginning of every meeting: sharing joys and celebrations. Hoping to help refocus folks on what is working well, even in our challenges.


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