In Search of Unicorns

I don’t have much to say today, but Vu Le does.  He’s a non-profit guy in the Non-profit unicorn
Seattle area and he appreciates unicorns. He also writes a provocative blog.

We in the church are always on the lookout for unicorns:

  • 20-somethings interested in joining The New Members’ Class.
  • Tenors who never travel during the Christmas or Easter seasons.
  • Young adults with no student loans and lots of time on their hands who want to a) tithe and b) spend their weekends at church events.
  • Pillars of the Church who love the idea of changing everything.

In reality, all of us can be unicorns, according to Vu Le’s Mantra.  In these hectic days, there are increasingly leaders who understand that it’s not the church’s job to program people to the point of exhaustion or shame.  Instead, we are called (my word, not Vu’s) to use our gifts to transform the world for good.  We will not always succeed at this, but there is grace and there is forgiveness and there are second and thousandth tries.    I wouldn’t say that we are all “awesome and sexy” non-profit unicorns but there is something glorious about wanting to make the world better.  (Some of us do this in the name of Jesus.)

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