lucie-and-thorntonI have the privilege today of meeting all the new incoming Moderators of all the Presbyteries throughout all of the Presbyterian Church (USA.)  “Why is this worthy of a blog post?” you might ask.

It’s because these 172 people have taken time out of their regular lives to lead their particular corners of their broader spiritual communities for the next year. In some Presbyteries, the commitment is much longer than a single year.

These are the people who will preside over the ordinations of new pastors and the dismissal of old churches.  They will pray for and with “their” churches.  They will appoint people to commissions and committees.  And they will do this while also serving in their Day Jobs.

They have come to Louisville because it’s the home of our denominational headquarters. Louisville is also known for bourbon, baseball bats, and a famous derby.  But everyone who comes through here has an important story to share.

I look forward to hearing some of those stories today from sisters and brothers who hail from places called Glacier and Cimarron and Kiskiminetas.

Image of an historical marker in Louisville which reminds us that some of the stories are about people who passed through here against their will.  Lucie and Thornton were people of National Historical Significance and I’m grateful we acknowledge this – or at least Canada does.

One response to “Louisville

  1. Lifting prayers of thanksgiving for these new presbytery moderators and for our GA co-moderators as all of you lead the people of God.


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