The Truth About Lying


Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” John 18:38

Great question.

I’m especially interesting in the truth these days when there are so many accusations of deception.

The new President accuses the media of lying.  The media accuses the new President of lying.  And everybody’s talking about “alternative facts.”

Lying to delegitimize our institutions is a dangerous game:

If I don’t get my way, things are rigged.  If I do get my way, things are legitimate.


There is so much distrust in the world that we tend not to believe anything unless we see it with our own eyes.  When I saw this photo I was surprised because in the 22 years I lived in Our Nation’s Capital, I never saw empty bleachers on an inaugural parade route. Never.

I saw this with my own eyes on Saturday in Chicago and I indeed believe that there were 250,000 souls present.

Holding each other accountable is not only the job of the press corps and the government they cover.  It’s also the job of the Church.  We are called to speak the truth as we share The Truth.

Thomas in the Bible said something about not believing something unless he could see it with his own eyes.  I get that.  Seeing is believing – except when it’s not.  As we’ve seen with inauguration photos from last weekend, sometimes seeing is dependent upon one’s perspective.

The biggest challenge of our day might not be trade or women’s rights.  That’s small stuff compared to the challenge of restoring authentic trust in each other and in our institutions.  The world longs for trustworthy leaders – in government, in business, in the Church.  How do we make trade deals and laws about women’s rights without institutional trust?

Again – lying to delegitimize our institutions is a dangerous game.  I might even call it evil.

Image by Tim O’Brien.

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