Marching for Women of Color

I’d like to see a million White women march to the grave of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth or Audre Lorde, or perhaps to the campus of Spelman College to offer a formal apology to Black women. Jamilah Lemieux

women-of-color-and-white-womenOne of my first memories about People of Color is from my preschool years. The woman who took care of me and my two little brothers while both of my parents worked outside the home was named Thelma.  That’s what we called her.  I have no idea what her surname was.

What I remember is that Thelma carried my brother everywhere.  What I don’t remember is why I never asked my parents: “Who takes care of Thelma’s children while she’s taking care of us?”  I would see her children in the front yard when we took her home at the end of the day and wave from the car window.

Women of Color have a harder time living their lives than anyone else on the planet.  Check out this site.

In my profession, I know that Women of Color have a harder time being called to pastoral positions in ministry.  African-American churches often interview and hire only male African-American pastors.  Korean-American churches in my denomination might call a Korean-American clergywoman to serve as an Associate Pastor or a Youth Pastor, but rarely the Head of Staff.  Many Women of Color in my denomination serve predominantly White churches or multicultural churches.  I secretly ponder how we might shift this for the sake of the Future Church.  The best pastors I know include Women of Color but those same women are often overlooked.

Although last week’s March for Women drew record crowds and many Women of Color joined in, the crowds – at least in Chicago – were very White.  This article and this article offer insights on why.

Question to all who marched last Saturday – male and female, from west coast to east coast and harriet-tubman-graveinternationally:  If there was a march to the graves of Harriet Tubman or Sojourner Truth or Audre Lorde, or perhaps to the campus of Spelman College would you go?  I hope that I would.  And I hope there would be words of lament and apology spoken for Thelma and all other Women of Color who made it possible for White Women to prosper.

I wonder if something like this is in the works.  Please let me know if you hear.

Top left images from AfroPunk and The Help.

2 responses to “Marching for Women of Color

  1. As a European American woman I think this a great idea. What do my women African American, Asian American and Latina colleagues think about this? Resistance and Protest are important. However, I think just as important is truth telling, repentance and the hope for reconciliation and a new solidarity of mutuality is essential. Let us speak the truth in love and through God’s mercy stand together.

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  2. Thank you for giving me another twitter account to follow–Jamilah Lemieux.


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