All This Talk of Church Decline Is Making Jesus Cry

Or at least I believe it makes Jesus cry. 

I write this from a Big Church Meeting in Puerto Rico – which sounds lovely except that I haven’t gone outside yet.  (This probably also brings my Savior to tears but that’s for another post.)

Today, a wise theologian said something like this:

When a huge tree falls, damage from the fall results but new growth begins under & around the fallen tree.

And then another wise theologian said this:

When we talk about church decline we’re only talking about white church decline. New non-white congregations are actually growing.

There is a cycle of life and it includes birth, growth, and death.  And resurrection and then new life.  I believe that the Church of Jesus Christ is not dying.  It’s pregnant (i.e. it just feels like we’re going to die.)  Another of my favorite theologians often says that.  As well, the Church of Jesus Christ is becoming browner and more diverse in every way.  I believe this and every kind of growth gives Jesus great joy.

Note:  Each of the theologians I linked in this post is a member of RevGalBlogPals.  And each of them make Jesus smile on a regular basis.

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