If Your Church Suddenly Disappeared . . .

It’s an old question, but it’s still a good one:

If your church suddenly disappeared, who (besides the church members) would notice?

After visiting:

  • congregations in Lebanon that offer medical care and computer training, and
  • congregations in Syria that offer inter-faith activities and assisted living for the elderly, and
  • congregations in the United States that offer support for the homeless and tutoring for new immigrants and community gatherings for LGBTQ neighbors

. . . there are many churches that would indeed be missed if they vanished.

What about your congregation?  This is our calling as followers of Jesus in the 21st Century.  As many are glued to the Comey testimony today, there is a connection – actually – between what happens politically and what happens locally.  We are called to connect with whomever needs support in our particular communities.  Are we connected to the point that people would notice if our churches disappeared?  This determines how impactful we will be for the next generations.

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One response to “If Your Church Suddenly Disappeared . . .

  1. Perry Latshaw

    To God be the glory!! Our congregation is searching constantly for more ways in which we might impact our community. We love, feed, clothe, house those in need. We pray continuously. We invite all of our neighbors. I, for one, thank God that I am not glued to watching any temporary, political being. Nor do I care to be that person. May we continue to be defined by the Great Commandment, Matthew 22:36-40. Amen.

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