A Summer Without AC? (No Thanks)

The sunny, 70 degree weather over the past few days in Chicago explains why we love living here. It makes even the wintry winds worth it.  But this weekend, it’s supposed to get hot.  Very hot.

The people responsible for air conditioning should have received Nobel Prizes  – maybe the Nobel in Peacemaking.  I don’t care who gets the long overdue honor but someone should be thanked.

Crime goes up on hot days. Tempers flare.  Crankiness ensues.

One of our cars has no AC and with over 100k miles on it, we don’t want to fork out the money to replace it.  But driving it in the summer = hellish discomfort.

Our home’s AC was out this past week and we had a service person come out yesterday to make Necessary Repairs.  Cool house = ability to sleep at night.

Air conditioning is a privilege that most of the world doesn’t enjoy.  We who have comfort-controlled shopping malls and classrooms and offices forget that most people do not shop, learn, or go to work with AC.  Many of our church buildings are not air conditioned.

God have mercy.  Christ have mercy.  God have mercy.

The days are coming when we will have the joyous opportunity to cool people down.  As worship moves from hot sanctuaries to more comfortable fellowship halls in some of our congregations, there will also be opportunities to make others more comfortable too.  How our congregations can serve the neighbors this summer:

  • Share air conditioned church space.  Offer cool rooms for community gatherings or as drop-in centers on especially hot days.
  • Buy room ACs for those in need.  Some communities offer either free units or free repair for broken units.  Do a little research about who provides this service in your town.
  • Invite neighbors to stay in your home when the weather is sweltering.
  • Ask people if they have a cool place to be.  Just ask and then help.

We say that the electric company gives us “power.”  We who are ordinary people also have power to prevent misery this summer.  It’s not too late to plan for this.

Image from summer of 2016 in Manchester, England. Source here.

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