Are You There, God? It’s Me, Jan

Ah, discernment.  It doesn’t happen (at least to me) via Owl Post or a Josephian dream.  Usually it’s a gut feeling:  I read a position description and one of the following things happens:

  • I have a viscerally negative reaction. (That’s a Big No.)
  • I am intrigued but not convinced it’s a remotely good match. (That’s a Maybe.)
  • I immediately start fantacizing about what I would do first.  (That’s a Yes but it could also turn out to be a quick flame out.)

I remember the following sensations when discerning previous calls to professional ministry:

  • First Call – I loved the interview and during the tour of the manse, I pictured where I’d put the Christmas Tree.  That seemed to be a sign and it led to a wonderful first call experience.
  • Second Call – When HH and I prayed in the church parking lot before and after the interview, such calm came over me that it felt right.  Some of the interview questions had been a little odd (“Would I change my name?”) but I sensed a healthy challenge.
  • Third Call:  Although it felt alarming even to apply for a position that – just months earlier – would have made me want to throw up a little in my mouth, it turned out to be a wonderful ministry.
  • Fourth Call:  X marks the spot.  I am pondering what’s next along with scores of my colleagues.

How do you discern calls from God?  It’s a question that others have tried to answer or help us all answer.  Reading the Psalms helps too.

Is discerning a call another example of privilege?  People with the most pressing financial needs cannot wait for a gut feeling.

Does God call us to something particular (this exact position in that exact state)? Or does God call us towards a general path?

I love this process but it’s also unnerving.  The unknown is not my favorite place to be, but learning to sit with God and breathe is an excellent spiritual tool.

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