Saying Nice Things

This is a good week to say nice things to each other.  

The nicest thing anyone ever said to me was uttered by Sam Schwartz the year he was playwright laureate in Washington, DC,  two years before he died.  As I was leaving a party, I said, “See you in church” which was our little joke because he was Jewish and his church attendance was more of an obligation to please someone else.  But we met occasionally to talk about faith and life and pain.  He was wonderful.

After saying, “See you in church” I overheard another guy say, “Who is that?  Your mother?”  And then I heard Sam reply, “If that woman had been my mother, I would have saved $10,000 on therapy.”

Wow. That felt amazing.


This is an excellent week to appreciate each other’s quirkiness and queerness.  It’s a perfect week to remember that all of us fall short of the glory of God.  It’s a wonderful week to thank God for our differences.

It’s a good week to say nice things to each other.

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3 responses to “Saying Nice Things

  1. Thank you for your post each morning. I know it will gave me a chuckle, or an aha – and always a good start to my day! Thanks again!


  2. I’m all for saying nice things to each other, but perhaps in a time when so many women are working so hard to speak out against sexual harassment inside and outside of the church, an image where “your legs are really sexy” is one of the suggested possible compliments is not ideal. Your post is great, it’s just the image that could be problematic.


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