When You Get Hit by a Car

My friend M was hit by a car in 2015 as she was running on a rural road.  It was horrible.  Apparently the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

M is not only alive, but she is running again and and she is wiser than ever. But don’t call her a miracle. She doesn’t like that.

What you don’t see are the invisible scars and other issues that continue to cause trouble.  But she is grateful to be alive and she is – as I mentioned – more thoughtful than ever.  She said the other day that everyone gets hit by a car sometime in life – usually figuratively.  Sometimes the car is going 10 miles an hour and sometimes it’s going 75.  But everybody experiences a real or metaphorical crash at least once.  We are lucky if there’s only one.

If you were hit by a car in 2017, please know you were not the only one.  Although it might take a while, you will learn from your crash.  Although it feels hard to believe, there will be spiritual and emotional gains.  Although people might have passed you on the road to let you languish on your own, there are others who will show up in other places.  Angels abound.

This is a good time to thank those angels.  They are the ones who kept us alive.  They are the ones who share good food and drink with us.  They are the ones who make us get out of bed and step outside.  They make Thanksgiving season last for a long time.

Have a thankful weekend everybody.

Dedicated to one of my angels –  MDCM.


4 responses to “When You Get Hit by a Car

  1. My friend A was hit by a car, literally, a couple of months ago. Rumour has it that the driver was speeding and mounted the kerb. She and the dog she was walking were killed. She had a husband, 9-year-old son, and 5-year-old daughter. I guess for them, and in some sense for the school community which is how I knew her, that was also a metaphorical hit-by-a-car moment. We’re bewildered and can’t do much about it but pray.


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  3. Rosie-I do not know you but I also pray for you and this family. We somehow need to LIVE every day with intention, knowing that stories like yours are all around us. I’ve seen parents lose children, a great student make one “tiny decision” that completed shifted his life, people who are not kind to those they “love”…What do people do without God? THEY are the ones my heart breaks for. Sometimes the hardest part is “TO BE STILL AND KNOW…”


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