Everyday Beauty

There is beauty in the imperfect and the scarred.

My favorite piece of furniture in our home is the dining room table.  It’s a basic farm table with leaves that make it comfortable to seat about 10 people.  Nothing fancy.

Yes, we’ve enjoyed great meals around that table for decades.  But I especially love the scratches.

If you look closely, you can see the impressions from elementary school homework assignments and high school thank you notes.  There are gouges and water stains.  They mark real life.

This is the season when many of us seek perfection:  the perfect place setting, the perfect tree, the perfect gift.

All those things are lovely.  But there is breathtaking, spirit-filling, deep joy to be found in the everyday beauty of the imperfect.  There are reasons God chose to be born in a cave with the cattle.



2 responses to “Everyday Beauty

  1. I thank God for you, Jan.


  2. I love this. Our house is one of imperfections as we have lived in this house for 37 years, raising our daughter here and now welcoming our grandchildren to its rooms. Any time I think of moving, I shudder as I don’t want to leave the imperfections and start over.


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