ISO Intrapreneurial Pastors

Feeling simplistic this morning and so I’ll just come out and say that there are three kinds of pastors out there – and we need them all:

  1. Church Planters – for starting completely new congregations
  2. Church Chaplains – for helping congregations die with dignity
  3. Church Intrapreneurs – for rethinking and creating new ministries within established congregations

This article explains it right here.

We need pastors who see the future and to paraphrase Bill Aulet of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. we need leaders who can “create kingdom values with new ministries, new ways of running congregations, and do it both with assets that the  church controls and assets that the church doesn’t control like partnerships with secular partners. Entrepreneurs can exist (as Intrapreneurs) in congregations and congregations need them more and more.”

I’m talking about the church leaders who learn about the need for affordable housing and – even if all things are going well in ministry – they begin efforts to partner with other organizations to build affordable housing on that extra piece of property they own but are not using.

I’m talking about the church leaders who recognize the need for a jobs training program which would be perfect in unused Sunday School classrooms.

I’m talking about the church leaders who start a second worship gathering in the cafe near the high school on Sunday nights.

More coming later this week but for now – please – read the MIT article.

Image from Sweet Jesus Ice Cream, the Toronto-based company.  It is my undying dream to partner with them. Not kidding.  Especially not kidding if you are the Sweet Jesus people.  Please return my emails and phone calls.

2 responses to “ISO Intrapreneurial Pastors

  1. Love this Jan – Stick with this line of encouragement! This is awesome. And yes…Sweet Jesus!


  2. New worship gathering in the cafe near the high school? First we need the cafe, or the coffee shop. We have no local place to build community, and I’m feel strongly that that is our call for now.


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