Why This Pastor Sees a Therapist

When I made my first appointment to see a therapist in my new city, I was informed that – because of the location of the therapy offices – I might run into Presbyterian colleagues.  I replied that I not only welcomed that, but I’d be willing to put a bumper sticker on my car that said “I’m here to see a therapist.

Actually, I’m kidding about the bumper sticker, but I’m serious about normalizing therapy.  Why do I see a therapist?

  • It helps to process things that I can’t talk about with my colleagues (because boundaries.)
  • I want to discern my life patterns and figure them out with a wise person.
  • When I’m really busy, it’s easy to lose perspective.
  • Sometimes I’m overwhelmed.
  • I just started a new position in a new city away from family and old friends.  I should probably talk about that with a professional.

I have had a therapist everywhere I’ve lived since college – through deaths, break ups, births, and job shifts.  It makes me a healthier person.  And it’s different from coaching or spiritual direction – although I need those things too.

Whether we are clergy people, mail carriers, electricians, educators, senators or stay-at-home parents, life can be busy/crushing/soul-sucking/wonderful.  I, for one, need to process all that.  How about you?

Image of a t-shirt you can buy here.  

2 responses to “Why This Pastor Sees a Therapist

  1. Amen. Professional therapy is what got me through my birth family revelations. I’m grateful to have insurance that covers therapy.

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  2. Thanks Jan. I personally think everyone should be in therapy. And a 12 step program. And have to wear name tags all the time. That last one is selfish on my part, but it sure would make my life easier.

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